Jewelry Care

Sterling silver jewelry may tarnish over time so simple care is necessary to keep your pieces looking shiny at all times. First, designate a spot in your home to place your rings and other jewelry while doing tasks like cleaning, doing the dishes, gardening etc. Most people are guilty of keeping their jewelry on all the time, but it should be removed when there's a chance it could get dirty, scratched or become in contact with harsh chemicals. 
For storing your jewelry, it is recommended to keep it in a dark and cool place as sunlight, heat and moisture all accelerate tarnishing. To prevent any scratching or tangling with each other, it's best to store items separately using a jewelry pouch it came in or even just a small zip lock bag.
Only use clean microfibre polishing cloth - coarse fibres and fabrics like paper towel may cause more harm by scratching the surface. If heavy tarnish has already appeared, you may use a simple DIY method to get rid of it. Mix a drop of mild dish soap in a bowl of lukewarm water and soak your jewelry in it for about 30 minutes. Next, use an old,  soft toothbrush to gently buff away any dirt and residue. Dry off your jewelry right away and finish with  a polishing cloth. 
Please do not use this method for any opal jewelry as the moisture will ruin the clarity of the stone! 
Only dry polishing methods are recommended for opal jewelry! 
Sterling silver and some of the gem stones can also become dull when in contact with certain chemicals so it is a good idea to remove your jewelry before jumping into a swimming pool, hot tub or a natural hot spring. 
Here, at Siiri & Stone studio, I also offer a professional jewelry cleaning and polishing service. Contact for more information.
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