Jewelry Care


Our jewelry not only has monetary value but if you're like me, much of it has
a lot of sentiments and memories attached to it as well. 

With these simple practices you can keep your sterling silver and gold plated jewelry looking its best for years to come.

  • Remove your jewelry while doing tasks like cleaning, washing dishes, gardening etc. Most people are guilty of keeping their jewelry on all the time, but it should be removed when there's a chance it could get dirty, scratched or become in contact with harsh chemicals.


  • Both sterling silver and gold plated jewelry can become dull when in contact with a lot of water and certain chemicals. It is a good idea to remove your jewelry before jumping into a swimming pool, hot tub or a natural hot spring.


  • Hair sprays, lotions and makeup can build up on your jewelry. Best practice is to put your jewelry on after you finish getting ready and take it off before you start washing up for bed.


  • Overexposure to oxygen and moisture will accelerate the tarnishing process of your sterling silver and gold plated jewelry. For that reason, it is a good idea to keep your jewelry in an air tight container, possibly away from the bathroom.


  • Only use clean microfibre polishing cloth for cleaning your jewelry - coarse fibres like paper towel may cause more harm by scratching the surface. If heavy tarnish has already appeared, you may use a simple DIY method to get rid of it. Mix a drop of mild dish soap in a bowl of lukewarm water  and soak your jewelry for an hour, then wipe it clean with a polishing cloth. You may also use an old soft toothbrush to get into those tiny nooks and crevasses. 
Please do not use this method for any opal jewelry as the moisture will ruin the clarity of the stone! 
Only dry polishing methods are recommended for opal jewelry! 
Here, at Siiri & Stone studio, I also offer a professional jewelry cleaning and polishing service. Contact for more information.
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Sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Featuring a stunning 0.9carat natural blue sapphire and 4 accent diamonds on each side, this engagement ring is both modern and unique. Set in 14k white gold, it is dainty yet durable and sure to catch some well deserved attention.

Diamond engagement ring

Breathtaking and mesmerizing are the words I would describe this 1.5carat lab grown diamond with. Extra personality was added with 6 family heirloom diamonds that we took from the groom's parents wedding bands. Made from 14k white gold, this engagement ring turned out truly one of a kind and extra meaningful, and frankly, impossible to say no to.

Salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

This 1.7c gorgeous salt and pepper diamond is giving out all the vibes. Set in 14k white fold and paired with a roughly textured band, this ring was made for a modern and stylish bride who loves to stand apart from the "ordinary".

Morganite engagement ring + Ebb and Flow wedding band

We took this beautiful peachy 1.7c morganite stone from my customer's old ring and re-designed it into a minimalistic yet absolutely stunning engagement ring. Set in 10k yellow gold and paired with an Ebb and Flow ring as her wedding band, this set is dreamy, divine and so unique.

Moissanite wedding ring

Moissanite stones are a good alternative for diamonds and silver is a good alternative for white gold. Budget friendly, yet still stunning and unique, this wedding ring is sure to make heads turn.

Curved wedding band

Minimalistic and dainty, this 10k gold wedding band was made to fit perfectly over my customer's engagement ring, creating a complete and put-together look.

Men's wedding band

Combining 10k yellow gold and oxidized (blackened silver), this wedding band is both modern and masculine.

Emerald inlay mens wedding band

Pairing the warm tone of 10k yellow gold and bright green emerald gave absolutely amazing results. Crushed emerald stones were placed on the ring plank, then secured with resin and polished to a smooth and shiny finish, making this inlay ring one for the books.

Raw emerald engagement ring

Nothing says one-of-a-kind more than a raw, uncut and unpolished stone left in its most organic form. This 10k yellow gold and raw emerald engagement ring was made for a bride that loves to stand apart from the crowd while celebrating imperfections and originality.

Ebb and Flow + diamond anniversary ring

A perfectly imperfect ring that tells a love story, full of ebbs and flows, ups and downs. This organic 14k yellow gold ring with 7 lab grown accent diamonds was made to celebrate 30 years of marriage and is her first wedding band she gets to wear proudly.

Diamond + branch band engagement ring

This truly unique engagement ring was perfectly suited for the bride's taste as well as her lifestyle and hobbies. The organic branch band was custom made from 10k yellow gold with 3 lab grown diamonds (total carat weight of 2c), making the final outcome both elegant and flashy.

Topaz and moissanite engagement ring + chevron wedding band

A vibrant and beautifully fitted bridal set that speaks for itself. The 7x5mm Swiss blue topaz is paired with two accent moissanite stones to add extra elegancy while the minimalistic chevron band gives the whole set a clean and balanced look. Both rings are made from 925 sterling silver, making it a classy yet budget friendly option.

Locket necklace

Custom made locket necklace to hold any small treasures close to you at all times. Both chain and pendant made from 925 sterling silver.