Taking a child's fingerprint

Here are some tips for taking your little ones' fingerprint

- pick a time when your child is in a playful mood and make this a fun game
- explain the aim of the game and make sure to read the instructions throughly before mixing the putty
- have some play dough or finger paint on hand (good for doing a few practice runs + keep having fun after the fingerprint is taken)
- get your child to press their finger into the putty gently but evenly (good time to learn numbers and count to 5 while holding the finger on putty)
- you might have to help them keeping the finger steady
- while taking a baby's fingerprint, have them sitting in front of you or on your lap. You're gonna have to press their finger into the putty for them
- take a few moulds and try different fingers. Children's fingerprints are very fine so chances are you'll get the best imprint from their thumbs
- baby's fingerprints aren't fully developed until they're about 1.5 years old. You can even try to take an imprint of their big toes if you wish to get a more defined profile
- bear in mind that your aim is to get a genuine imprint and not a perfect shape
- once the fingerprint is taken, give them a big cuddle and thank them for helping to create a very special jewelry piece